Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopaths use a highly developed sense of touch to feel subtle changes of tension and tissue quality in the living anatomy of the whole body, and to diagnose areas of strain or dysfunction.

Cranial osteopathy is not different to osteopathy, it is the name given to a subtle and refined approach to osteopathy that follows all the principles of osteopathy, and it is used throughout the body not just in the head. The name cranial osteopathy simply refers to the fact that it includes the structures inside the head.

"Kelly is quite remarkable. She managed to sort out my immediate problems over just two sessions. Manipulation with joints was extremely gentle and my shoulder trouble is so much better. My migraines are much less intense and now very infrequent. I have never used Cranial Osteopathy before and was sceptical and unsure of what the treatment would involve. Kelly is very reassuring, professional and perceptive and I have great confidence in her abilities and would recommend her without hesitation".

Jane S

In a cranial treatment, an osteopath is deeply connected to the inner world of living anatomy and physiology. Listening carefully the body can tell the story of what has happened to it, what trauma (emotional or physical) it has suffered and, how it is trying to cope with the legacy of these traumas.

The osteopath is often drawn to areas in the body that have been affected by past events, such as old accidents and injuries. The body may have learned to compensate for a traumatic event or injury and the patient may be unaware that there is anything wrong, but the effects may still be present and relevant to current symptoms.

“I have visited Kelly at the Beta Health practice four times.  On each of the visits Kelly has welcomed me in with a lovely calm and gentle manner.  Kelly listens carefully and knows how to ask questions to make sure that she has as full a picture as possible.  The Cranial Osteopathy that I have had with Kelly has been of great benefit to me. Each time I leave the premises I am on a ‘high’, I walk away with renewed confidence in myself (in my head) and in my physical body (and what I can do with it).”

Eileen K, Yorkshire

Diagnosis and treatment are intimately linked as the osteopath works to activate the innate ability of the body to heal itself, and by offering gentle and specific support where it is needed to bring the tissues into a state of balance and release, to restore it to health.

"Such results from seemingly such little intervention. Suffering with regular migraines, I went to Kelly at the recommendation of a friend, without understanding that I was going to receive cranial osteopathy (which I had never heard of). After a total of four visits, my headaches are now very infrequent and very mild in nature. Kelly was also able to accurately pinpoint other health issues I have, without me necessarily bringing them to her attention - and all from half an hour or so lying down, with my head cradled in her hands. A  remarkably holistic treatment programme, that I would highly recommend to anyone - and this is from someone who was very sceptical about such "alternative" practices."

Margaret F, Tring

Using this approach, the osteopath learns to listen to and be guided by the body's inner knowledge of what is wrong. This helps the osteopath to understand and treat the cause of the symptoms and to reduce the chance of symptoms returning in the future.

"I saw Kelly after experiencing four years of distressing neurological symptoms that were seriously affecting my quality of life - when I laid down I would get pins and needles in one side of my face, a sensation of losing consciousness, dizziness and confusion.  The treatment was extremely gentle and included a combination of cranial and structural osteopathy which significantly increased blood flow to my head, as well as some physical adjustments that greatly relieved tension in my neck and increased movement.  The improvement after just a few sessions was incredible.  Kelly has a lovely down-to-earth manner that really puts you at ease - and an impressive medical knowledge.  I am extremely thankful to have found her."

Thank you for all your help Kelly - and the best of luck with your website.  I must get round to making an appointment for a maintenance session, so hope to see you again soon!"

All the best,

Helen xx

This approach to osteopathy is a way of viewing the body rather than a type of technique and it can be used on every patient. Cranial osteopathy is widely known for the treatment of babies but, is equally effective for children, adults and the elderly.

"I visited kelly after the birth of my baby. I was suffering with back problems after the birth. Kelly's treatments were amazing and I went from only being able to walk a short distance to being back to normal in just a few months. The cranial work that she does is very relaxing and a lovely treatment. I always left with a sense of wellbeing. I have recommended Kelly to family and friends".

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                                 Eva F, Hemel Hempstead

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