Beta Associates

Zara Redford: Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist


Offering a range of incredible massages to suit all of your relaxation and rehabilition needs, soothing away the aches and pains of life. Home visits available or come see Zara at our lovely clinic in Silk Mill Business Park. Zara also offers a fantastic range of yoga classess to suit all from beginner to experienced. I can personally vouch for her being an incredibly knowledgable, patient and talented teacher. Classes presently held at Physique Fitness here in Silk Mill Business Park or for a more personalised intensive session book for a ONE to ONE or bring a friend/partner and have TWO to ONE tutoring from our beautiful clinic setting. BOOK ONLINE available for all of these services.

Sarah Pearson: Pears Projects

Sarah specialises in female fitness & wellness, specifically for pregnant, post natal women and those experiencing pelvic floor & core dysfunction.

A private boutique studio where sessions are held in pregnancy fitness, post natal exercise, Power Plate® training and Holistic Core Restore®. Enough space for 2;1 training and children are welcome too!

Jane McIvor: Orchard Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural & safe complementary medicine. Great for all the family, we personally love using homeopathy, especially for all of the childhood ailments. If you would like to discuss if homeopathy is for you -  please ask for a free 15 minute chat. You can call Jane on 07732 343475 or email: or simply BOOK ONLINE HERE.

Jason Maxwell: Maximum Wellness

Jason is a fully qualified and insured Sports Massage Therapist and Hypnotherapist. He and his lovely wife Rachael run Maximum Wellness Therapies where they also provide Reiki, Mindfulness and Animal Therapies. BOOK ONLINE HERE.

Rachael Maxwell: Maximum Wellness - Equine

Fully qualified and Insured for Equine therapy, spinal manipulation, balance and alignment. Also the fantastic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Animal whispering services. Rachael doesnt just stop at Equine, enquire regarding your other 4 or 2 legged friends.

Leanne Lawrence: Brighter Birthing


Hypnobirthing encourages women to completely believe in themselves and trust their body to work, as nature intended, whilst also removing any fears you may have and ensuring you approach your birth calmly and confidently.


It gives your birth partner the confidence and expertise to help and support you. Preparing you both to make any choices along the way, whatever direction your birth experience may take, with as much information as possible to ensure you are fully informed and brighter.

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Neals Yard Remedies


Honey bees are clearly vital parts of our ecosystem, acting as highly efficient pollinators of our food crops as well as for wild flora. We need bees to keep our crops and earth healthy, but in recent years their numbers have been decreasing by the billions.


Since 2011 Neals Yard has been working to help reverse the decline of the Bee population worldwide. Raising hundreds of thousands of pounds, supporting bee charities home and abroad, planting like mad, instigating petitions for the ban on certain pesticides; really striving for awareness. Help Beta Osteopathy support this extremely worthy cause; check out the Bee Lovely range here.